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Cultivars are grouped by their National Chrysanthemun Society (NCS) bloom class number.
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Irregular Incurve
These are the giants of the Chrysanthemum family, highly esteemed for their exhibition potential. Incurving blooms present a loose, more informal appearance than the regular incurve.
Blooms in this class have florets fully reflexing and range in size from the very large English types to the medium size B blooms.
Regular Incurve
Blooms in this class are formally incurved with the ideal bloom forming a complete ball. Florets are closely incurving in a compact manner with a smooth finish.
Class 4 blooms are more flattened with florets presenting a more open appearance with some reflexing and others partly incurving. They are particularly useful as cut flowers.
Intermediate Incurve
Flowers in this class are not as incurving as the regular incurve and are generally smaller than the large irregular incurve. Florets are shorter and present a more open appearance.
Cultivars in this class produce masses of blooms with an ease that makes the pompon a most popular cut flower. They are mostly grown to sprays.
We believe this is the most outstanding collection of singles and semi-doubles in the US. For the large ones, disbud one to a stem. Smaller ones make excellent sprays for cut flowers or display.
This flower is like a single with the center florets, or disk, elongated and modified. These fine cut flowers are excellent for show or garden and grown to sprays or disbudded for show.
These flowers are essentially the same as the single or daisy type except for the florets being spooned on the ends. These are easy to grow and add much color and interest to the garden.
Quills have tubular florets that may be straight spooned or slightly turned on ends and are completely double, showing no open center. They are similar in bloom form to the spider.
The most exotic of the Chrysanthemum Family. They are sometimes referred to as Fuji Mums and have thin, threadlike florets to heavy, bold florets that are coiled or fishhooked on the ends.
Brush and Thistle
The flowers of the unusual Saga type are what the Japanese call broom-shaped flowers. The floret structure is very threadlike and does not open out flat, but stays in a brush-like upright position. Its type resemble thistle flowers in form.
Exotic or Unclassified
Flowers listed here are exotic, unusual or otherwise not in a regular classification.
Garden Cushion Mums
These are some of the finest and most popular garden mums attainable. All are low growers, self-supporting, and bloom from September to early October. Some will also bloom in late May or June.
These small flowered types are best adapted to cascade use, but can be used in many other ways such as espallier, tree form, or allowed to grow naturally producing a mass of bloom, with little care. These are vigorous and easy-to-grow cultivars.
Low growing, mounding types with small leaves and blooms of anemone and daisy style. Bushy, free branching strong tems. Height from 8 to 15 inches. Most are bred for training to bonsai style and are also excellent for container and landscape planting.
Kings Collections
These collections have been carefully selected to give novice and experienced growers the advantage of 40 years of growing and exhibiting experience. All have our highest recommendation. All varieties (except in the Rainbow Discount Collection) are individually labeled.
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The National Chrysanthemum Society publishes a very good selection of books and pamphlets dealing with almost every aspect of amateur Chrysanthemum growing. Single copy postage paid.
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