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We believe this is the most outstanding collection of singles and semi-doubles in the US. For the large ones, disbud one to a stem. Smaller ones make excellent sprays for cut flowers or display.
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Domingo 7A-R D17 - Domingo 7A-R
Oct. 22 - Nov. 5   7A Medium
A huge deep crimson single when grown under warm fall conditions,as in California. In cooler northern areas, it will be a large reflexingbloom at development. Disbud to crown or terminal bud. (Eng. 4B).
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Icy Isle 7B-W I12 - Icy Isle 7B-W
Oct. 18 - Nov. 1   7A Tall
A large pristine white daisy style mum of exceptional quality. Floretsspread flatly from its yellow center. Best as a disbud, but fine as a spray.Tall. Flower to sprays or disbud.
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Peggy Stevens 7A-Y P38 - Peggy Stevens 7A-Y
Oct. 26 - Nov. 15   7A Tall
Brought back into our catalog to fill the need for a large yellow single. Grow as a disbud show flower or enjoy a profusion of blooms from the largest daisy style in our collection. Tall. Flower as disbud or to sprays.
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Radiant Time 7C-Y R25 - Radiant Time 7C-Y
Oct. 15 - Oct. 30   7C Short
Stunning, bi-colored blooms of yellow and orange/red. Fine for cut flowers, along the front of borders or grown in pots. Flower to sprays. Short height.
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Rage 7B-R R26 - Rage 7B-R
Oct. 10 - Oct. 27   7C Medium
A flaming single that attracts immediate attention. Good in pots or as an accent to the flower bed. Very long lasting. Medium. Flower to sprays.
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Vyron 7C-Y V14 - Vyron 7C-Y
Oct. 18 - Nov. 5   7C Medium
The first of this color combination. A brilliant yellow single style bloomwith a deep chocolate center. This terrific color contrast immediatelycatches the eye. Vyron produces large sprays excellent for cutting.A must for your collection. Med height. Flower to sprays.
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Yodogimi 7B-R Y14 - Yodogimi 7B-R
Oct. 22 - Nov. 5   7B Medium
One of the most unique and fascinating flowers in a Chrysanthemum we have ever introduced! Dark red semi double blooms with each floret tipped in gold. These exquisite flowers will delight the most jaded grower and add distinction to any bouquet arrangement. Med. height. Flower to sprays for best effect.
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