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These flowers are essentially the same as the single or daisy type except for the florets being spooned on the ends. These are easy to grow and add much color and interest to the garden.
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Fantasy 9C-P F11 - Fantasy 9C-P
Oct. 16 - Oct. 26   9C Medium
During our Fall open house, this is our best-selling potted cultivar. We never seem to have enough for everyone! Purple spoon tips with cream tubes, describes this old-fashioned-looking flower. Grow to sprays. Med. height.
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Kimie 9A-Y K13 - Kimie 9A-Y
Oct. 18 - Oct. 29   9A Tall
Long spooned yellow florets in a single row around a small disk. Florets slant stiffly out and are very weather resistant. Disbud to terminal bud or grow to sprays. Tall.
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Maryl 9C-P M204 - Maryl 9C-P
Oct 13 - Nov 15   9C Tall
This spoon makes a great cut flower or a colorful addition to any flower bed. The pink tubes, red spoons, and yellow center are striking. A strong erect growth habit with numerous laterals and a long bloom season are very desirable. Grow as a spray. Tall
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Matchsticks 9C-R M205 - Matchsticks 9C-R
Aug   9B Short
Spoon-red With Yellow Tubes
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Redwing 9A-R R16 - Redwing 9A-R
Oct. 24 - Nov. 5   9A Medium
Bronze tubular florets stand out perfectly flat and dark crimson tips make a most eye catching bloom. Flower to sprays or disbud to terminal bud. Med. height.
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Whirlaway 9C-P W201 - Whirlaway 9C-P
Oct. 10 - Nov. 5   9C Medium
This spoon is very attractive with pink tubes and darker pink spoons. A spot of purple appears to be tucked inside the spoon. Tall strong stems make it a good cut flower. Long lasting blooms.
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