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The most exotic of the Chrysanthemum Family. They are sometimes referred to as Fuji Mums and have thin, threadlike florets to heavy, bold florets that are coiled or fishhooked on the ends.
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Chesapeake 11A-W C12 - Chesapeake 11A-W
Oct. 10 - Oct. 23   11A Tall
An outstanding, very full white spider of large size and excellent longlasting substance. Earlier than most spider types. Disbud to crown or terminal bud. Tall.
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Coral Reef 11A-Br C18 - Coral Reef 11A-Br
Oct. 16 - Oct. 26   11A Medium
A large attractive spider mum in the most fascinating colors of coral, orange and gold. This cultivar has everything going for it. The beautiful brilliant colors are enhanced by attractive dark green foliage and sturdy stems which hold blooms erect. Disbud to 2nd crown or terminal bud. Med. height.
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Descanso 11A-Br D22 - Descanso 11A-Br
Oct. 24 - Nov. 15   11A Medium
Huge bronze spider of show quality. Blooms are born squarely on strongstems. Named to honor the 64th annual show and meeting of the National Chrysanthemum Society, held at Descanso Gardens in Southern Calif. Medium height. Flower to crown bud.
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Downpour  11A-W D23 - Downpour 11A-W
Oct. 15 - Nov. 2   11A Medium
Hundreds of fine white petals burst from full centered blooms. This beautiful spider will capture and hold your attention. Medium. Best grown as a disbud.
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Evening Glow 11A-Sa E11 - Evening Glow 11A-Sa
Oct. 18 - Oct. 28   11A Medium
An exceptionally large-spreading spider, of an unusual light salmonrose, shading to bronze. Medium size florets of good substance and fullcenters. Med. height. Disbud to 2nd crown or terminal bud.
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Equinox 11A-Y E12 - Equinox 11A-Y
Oct. 10 - Oct. 25   11B
A bright yellow spider with an early bloom date and short growth habit.Makes an excellent potted plant. First introduced by us in 1986. Brought back to fill the need for earlier spider types. Short. Flower to crown or terminal bud.
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Evans Dream 11AA-P E9 - Evans Dream 11AA-P
Oct. 18 - Nov. 5   11A Tall
A huge attractive light pink spider with a white center, this impressive cultivar was developed by Ted King from a Japanese seedling. It attracted constant attention at the 2008 and 2009 Kings Nursery display in Clements. Tall. Best grown as a disbud.
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Flair 11A-Pu F14 - Flair 11A-Pu
Oct. 22 - Nov. 10   11A Medium
A large deep orchid spider. A producer of gorgeous blooms from bud opening to full bloom. Shorter growth habit than most spiders. Flowers well-supported on strong stems. Med. height. Flower to crown or terminal bud.
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Fleur De Lis 11A-Pu F15 - Fleur De Lis 11A-Pu
Oct. 18 - Oct. 25   11A Medium
We are proud to offer this exquisite purple spider mum. This is among the finest large spiders we have had the pleasure ofgrowing. Hundreds of fine lacy florets spill in a graceful arch from very full centers. Short. Disbud to crown or terminal bud.
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Golden Rain 11A-Y G12 - Golden Rain 11A-Y
Oct. 22 - Nov. 5   11A Medium
A sight to behold. Very cascading long golden florets curl and interlace in a fascinating form that is almost unreal. Florets would extend to 15 inches if held out. A lovely show flower or garden masterpiece. Med. height. Disbud to crown or terminal bud.
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Goldilocks 11A-Y G28 - Goldilocks 11A-Y
Oct. 28 - Nov. 12   11A Tall
Rich golden yellow spider of large size developed by Ted King. Strong stems hold blooms erect. Disbud to crown for earliest blooms.
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Icicles 11A-W I10 - Icicles 11A-W
Oct. 23 - Nov. 3   11A Medium
Rarely do we find a spider with such a unique look. Purest white slender tube florets with tip ends notched and open as though they had burst. Med. height. Disbud to terminal bud.
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Lava 11A-Br L26 - Lava 11A-Br
Oct. 15 - Nov. 2   11A Medium
Long buff yellow florets with slightly curled ends of light red. Earlier than most spider types and a beautiful sight to behold. Medium height. Disbud to crown bud.
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Mystic 11A-P M44 - Mystic 11A-P
Oct 25 - Nov 30   11AA Tall
Mystic is reminiscent of an early morning with mist settling in a valley. This spider has many fine thin petals which are a blushy pink with pale yellow tips. Stems are very tall with many laterals. Disbud; tall.
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Natalini 11A-P N17 - Natalini 11A-P
Oct. 13 - Nov. 12   11AA Tall
Named after one of our granddaughters, this is a lovely pink spider with long fine petals. Great as a disbud. If not disbudded there are numerous long laterals producing fine cut flowers. Disbud or sprays. Tall
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Nightingale 11B-G N202 - Nightingale 11B-G
Oct. 24 - Nov. 2   11B Medium
This is the original green or chartreuse colored spider. A unique color that is very attractive and different. Keep shaded to protect color during bloom period. Medium height. Flower to terminal bud.
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Oregon City 11A-Y O13 - Oregon City 11A-Y
Oct. 5 - Nov. 10   11AA Tall
We named this spider for our home town, Oregon City. It is one of our earliest blooming spiders. Similar to Golden Splendor in form but blooming two weeks earlier. A good addition to our spider collection because of the early bloom date. Best as disbud but could be grown for cut flowers. Tall.
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Seatons Galaxy 11A-Pu S16 - Seatons Galaxy 11A-Pu
Oct. 22 - Nov. 5   11A Tall
One of the finest spiders we have ever had the pleasure of growing.Blooms of deep, almost florescent, purple with crimson tips. Florets ofmedium size that stand out stiffly. Tall. Disbud to crown or terminal bud.
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Symphony 11A-Br S30 - Symphony 11A-Br
Oct. 10- Oct. 26   11A Tall
A large bronze spider with fine lacy florets and great spread. This is truly a "symphony" of color and form. Blooms produced on good stems in perfect poise. Tall. Disbud to crown or terminal bud.
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Senkyo Kenshin 11A-Br S35 - Senkyo Kenshin 11A-Br
Oct.24 - Nov. 10   11A Tall
A large dark bronze spider of solid substance. Tubular florets stand stiffly out from very full centers. Uniform blooms of exceptionally long life. Best bronze spider since Dusky Queen, which it replaces. Tall height. Flower as disbud.
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Vienna Waltz 11A-P V200 - Vienna Waltz 11A-P
Oct. 18 -Oct. 25   11A Medium
A perfect picture of grace and beauty is this stunning lavender pink spider. Long tubular florets flow from full centered blooms of large size and long lasting substance. Best as a disbud, but many will also like this as a spray. Medium height. Flower to 2nd crown or terminal bud.
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Wind Dancer 11A-Br W200 - Wind Dancer 11A-Br
Oct. 15 - Oct. 30   11A Medium
A fantastic deep golden brown spider mum laced with hundreds of fine florets arranged in perfect symmetry. Very full with a long bloom period. Medium height. Flower to crown or terminal bud.
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Zaryah 11A-Br Z1 - Zaryah 11A-Br
Oct. 15 - Nov. 5   11A Medium
The glow on the horizon before sunrise and after sunset has a name in the Russian language: Zaryah. This beautiful bronzy-orange spider originated in Japan and was selected by Ted King. It is sure to became a favorite both for the show table and as a focal plant in the landscape. Medium height. Disbud to terminal bud.
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