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Regular Incurve
Blooms in this class are formally incurved with the ideal bloom forming a complete ball. Florets are closely incurving in a compact manner with a smooth finish.
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Derek Bircumshaw 3B(5)-Y D15 - Derek Bircumshaw 3B(5)-Y
Sept. 24 - Oct. 10   3B Medium
This is one of the most vibrant deep golden yellow incurved blooms we have ever grown. Very excellent bloom form, hard substance and a strong growth habit make this one of the top imports from England. Med. height. Disbud to crown or terminal bud. (Eng. 25A)
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Gillette 3B-W(Y) G10 - Gillette 3B-W(Y)
Sept. 25 - Oct. 20   3B Medium
An early blooming creamy white to primrose yellow incurve. More yellowin the north and cooler fall climates, and pure white under a warmer finish. Plenty of florets to form a complete ball. Good stems withclosely spaced leaves. Med. height. Flower to crown bud.
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George Couchman 3A-B G27 - George Couchman 3A-B
Oct. 22 - Nov. 10   3A Medium
Bronze blooms with that hard, round finish and exceptional lasting quality. A Lawson introduction sure to please the discriminating grower. Med. height. Flower to crown bud.
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Heather James 3B-B H12 - Heather James 3B-B
Oct. 18 - Nov. 1   3B Tall
Very compact blooms with reverse of bronze and inside showing brightred. Nicely formed with every floret perfectly in place to produce a smooth bloom. Blooms held erect on strong stems. Tall. Flower as Disbud.
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Lake Landers 3B-P L10 - Lake Landers 3B-P
Oct. 23 - Oct. 30   3B Medium
In our opinion the best formal incurve to come from Woolman in many years. A lavender pink of tightly incurving form of very solid substance. Med. height. Disbud to 2nd crown bud. (Eng. 3b).
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Le Mans 3A-P L20 - Le Mans 3A-P
Oct. 12 - Oct. 25   3A Short
Large orchid and pink incurve of perfect form, produced on a short stem. An excellent potted plant. Needs no growth retardant. Strong and reliable. A French import. Short. Disbud to crown or terminal bud.
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Moira 3A-P M15 - Moira 3A-P
Oct. 26 - Nov. 5   3A Medium
A tightly incurving bloom of mauve with lavender reverse. A perfect ball of great poise and beauty. Blooms produced very straight on strong stems. Med. height. Disbud to crown bud. (Eng. 3a).
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