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Blooms in this class have florets fully reflexing and range in size from the very large English types to the medium size B blooms.
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Apricot Courtier 2B-LB A211 - Apricot Courtier 2B-LB
Oct. 10 - Nov. 9   2BB Medium
The deep rich apricot color of this flower makes it a nice addition to our collection of reflexes. Good strong erect stems make a desirable growth habit. Best used as a disbud. Med. height.
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Allyson Peace 2AA-Y A215 - Allyson Peace 2AA-Y
Oct 15 - Nov 8   2AA Medium
A large bright yellow reflex of excellent form introduced by John Peace of the U.K. A certain blue ribbon winner in its class. Best as a disbud. Med height.
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Bill Holden 2A-P B25 - Bill Holden 2A-P
Oct. 10 - Oct. 24   2A Medium
Large blooms of an attractive pink color in a reflexing form. Strong upright grower will produce many flowers suitable for show or garden display. Medium height.
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Doreen Statham 2B-R D18 - Doreen Statham 2B-R
Oct. 18 - Nov. 2   2B Medium
A very dark crimson reflex with perfect form, florets folding back to the stem. A top exhibition or garden cultivar of good size, quality and firmness. Med. height. Flower to crown bud. (Eng. 4b)
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Joyce Fountain 2A-R J20 - Joyce Fountain 2A-R
Oct. 5 - Oct. 25   2A Medium
Bright red flowers in a reflexing form. Beautiful deep green leaves andstrong stems for cutting or show. Medium height. Disbud for size.
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Paint Box 2B-B P10 - Paint Box 2B-B
Sept. 24 - Oct. 5   2B Medium
A deep brilliant orange reflexed bloom. Deeply reflexed florets laid perfectly to create an excellent show flower or tops as cut flower. (Eng. 24b)
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Pretty Polly 2B-Pu P30 - Pretty Polly 2B-Pu
Oct. 5 - Oct. 25   2B Medium
An early purple reflex bloom with a pink reverse. A real oldie first introduced in 1963. Brought back for it's rich color and to fill the demand for earlier blooms. Medium height. Flower to sprays or disbud.
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Samson 2A-R S201 - Samson 2A-R
Sep 28 - Oct 15   2A Medium
Samson is one of our earlier flowering mums. A deep red reflex with perfect form, it needs little grooming for show. Can be grown as a disbud or grown as sprays for cut flowers. Medium height.
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