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Quills have tubular florets that may be straight spooned or slightly turned on ends and are completely double, showing no open center. They are similar in bloom form to the spider.
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Judith Baker 10A-B J21 - Judith Baker 10A-B
Oct. 1 - Oct. 30   10A Medium
Lovely deep bronze quill hybridized by Irv Baker in California. Ease of cultivation and exhibition size blooms will make this plant a popular addition to your collection. Flower to crown bud or terminal bud.
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Kings Delight  10A-P K28 - Kings Delight 10A-P
Oct. 18 - Nov. 1   10A Tall
As close as you can get to a true pink. A large and showy quilled bloom. Tall. Disbud to crown or terminal bud.
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Lola 10A-P L207 - Lola 10A-P
Oct. 5 - Oct. 23   10A Medium
This very large lavender pink quill fills a need for those desiring early blooms. A huge spreading flower of medium size florets. A vigorous, easy to grow culivar that will support many large blooms. Excellent stem and foliage. Medium height. Flower to crown or terminal bud.
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Seatons Toffee 10A-B S19 - Seatons Toffee 10A-B
Oct. 25 - Nov. 10   10A Medium
Deep bronze quilled blooms of large size with tubular florets of firm substance. Reminiscent of the old cultivar "Walnut Queen". Good strong stems that hold blooms perfectly erect. Long lasting and weather resistant. Med. height. Disbud to crown or terminal bud.
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Shamrock 10A-Y S213 - Shamrock 10A-Y
Oct. 13 - Oct 30   10AA Tall
A chartreuse quill whose color is like the safety vests worn by highway workers. Long florets radiating from a green center and each tipped with green. Disbud to 2nd crown or terminal bud. Tall Height.
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Seatons Ashleigh 10A-Pu S44 - Seatons Ashleigh 10A-Pu
Oct. 26 - Nov. 10   10A Medium
This is one of several cultivars named for Seaton's grandchildren. We thank the Seaton's for sending this fine purple quilled flower. It meets all the requirements for a top show bloom in this class. Long lasting and weather resistant. Med. height. Flower to crown or terminal bud.
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Shelbers 10A-P S61 - Shelbers 10A-P
Oct 25 - Nov 30   10AA Tall
This large bold pink spoon is beautiful when grown as a disbud. The light pink petals contrast nicely with the darker pink spoons. A tall robust grower with strong stems, Shelbers will be exciting to grow either for show or as an addition for the hobbyist. Best as a disbud; tall.
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Saffina 10A-Br S63 - Saffina 10A-Br
Oct. Week 4   10A Tall
Saffina is a stunning, vibrant quill with a radient green center. The petals are a firey orange with yellow tips. It is best grown as a disbud, but is still useful in bouquets and floral arrangements even if it is not disbudded. Tall height.
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