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Cultivars in this class produce masses of blooms with an ease that makes the pompon a most popular cut flower. They are mostly grown to sprays.
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Feeling Green 6B-G F31 - Feeling Green 6B-G
Oct Week 5   6B Tall
A glowing green Pompon that gradually fades to a beautiful mint color as it develops into a ball. It is a vigorous grower with many blooms and long laterals making it desirable as a cut flower or fine NCS terminal sprays. Grow as a spray. Tall.
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Kelvin Mandarin 6B-B K10 - Kelvin Mandarin 6B-B
Oct. 22 - Oct. 28   6B Medium
Pompons with the desired round form and rich deep orange color are rare. This is exactly such a cultivar. Very good terminal spray form and vigorous growth habit. Med. height. Flower to sprays.
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Kelvin Tattoo 6C-Y K11 - Kelvin Tattoo 6C-Y
Oct. 22 - Nov. 10   6C Medium
Small ball shaped blooms of rich gold color with stunning red spot atthe center. Most eye appealing and wonderful long lasting cut flowers.Flower to sprays. Med. height.
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Kermit 6C-G K14 - Kermit 6C-G
Oct. 18 - Nov. 2   6CC Medium
A delightful sea green pompon producing excellent sprays with long laterals and long lasting blooms. Petals have a tinge of white whereas Yoko Ono has a tinge of yellow. Flower to sprays. Med. height.
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Lavender Pixie 6C-P L12 - Lavender Pixie 6C-P
Oct.10 - Oct.25   6C Medium
A little jewel of lavender pink with perfect round button form. A relativelyshort grower that produces fine terminal sprays. Try this one in pots. Medium short. Flower to sprays.
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Moonbeam 6A-W M16 - Moonbeam 6A-W
Oct. 22 - Nov. 5   6A Tall
A solid white pompon of perfect form, and when disbuded to single blooms, is a blue ribbon show flower. Vigorous, easy grower. Tall.Disbud or flower to sprays.
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Statesman 6C-Y S27 - Statesman 6C-Y
Oct.19 - Nov.4   6C Medium
We believe this is the finest formal golden yellow button pompon available. An easy growth habit with stems producing long lastingterminal sprays. Med. height. Flower to sprays.
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