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Intermediate Incurve
Flowers in this class are not as incurving as the regular incurve and are generally smaller than the large irregular incurve. Florets are shorter and present a more open appearance.
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Alexis 5A-P A12 - Alexis 5A-P
Oct. 15 - Oct. 25   5A Medium
Deep red blooms with golden tinge on underside of florets. Good for cut flowers. Strong, upright growth habit. Grow as a spray. Medium height.
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Gertrude 5B-P G201 - Gertrude 5B-P
Oct 15 - Oct 25   5BB Short
We like to think of Gertrude as our fuzzy pink friend because of the tiny hair-like pubescence covering the petals. It is a pastel pink incurving bloom with a short growth habit. Disbud for larger bloom or enjoy as a garden flower,
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Millenium 5A-Y M212 - Millenium 5A-Y
Sep 20 - Oct 15   5A Tall
Millennium is a straight slender growing plant which develops a thick stem providing strong support for the large yellow blooms. It is one of the earlier blooming disbuds. Best grown as a disbud. Tall
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Norton Vic 5B-Pu N16 - Norton Vic 5B-Pu
Oct. 24 - Nov. 15   5B Medium
A seedling from John Nevill in the U.K., this compact purple intermediate incurve with silver back will be an attractive addition to any collection. Flower to disbud on second crown.
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Primrose Tennis 3A-Y P249 - Primrose Tennis 3A-Y
Oct 4 - Nov 15   3B Tall
This is a perfect light yellow regular incurve that is an early bloomer. Strong upright stems make it very desirable. Tall. Grow as a disbud.
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Pat Lawson 5A-W P25 - Pat Lawson 5A-W
Oct. 30 - Nov. 15   5A Medium
Grown by Harry Lawson and named for his wife. A wise choice, as this is an exceptionally fine cultivar. Blooms of excellent incurving form and solid substance. A glistening white of long lasting quality. Medium height. Best as a disbud.
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Rebecca Walker 5(3)A-Y R10 - Rebecca Walker 5(3)A-Y
Sept. 26 - Oct. 10   5A Medium
An early incurve for everyone. Perfectly poised bright yellow incurves of solid substance and in bloom before frost. Form will vary from a perfect incurve to incurves with centers slightly depressed. Med. height. Disbud to 1st or 2nd crown bud. (Eng. 25a).
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Rosedew 5A-P R212 - Rosedew 5A-P
Sep 15 - Oct 15   5AB Short
This is an early blooming, old favorite that we are offering again. A rosy pink intermediate incurve, that blooms with a durable hard finish, produces good exhibition or garden flowers. A fairly low grower that looks good in containers. Flower on 2nd crown bud. Short height.
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St. Tropez 5B-R S37 - St. Tropez 5B-R
Oct. 25 - Nov. 10   5B Medium
This French import of incurving form is a deep crimson with bronze reverse, not a common color. Bred for use as a pot plant with strong stem and foliage. Will grow to 15 or 20 inches high. Short. Best flowered as disbud.
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Suzanne Etheridge 5A-Y S43 - Suzanne Etheridge 5A-Y
Oct. 5 - Oct. 20   5A Medium
Yellow incurving blooms of perfect form. One of the best from Harry Lawson. Early blooming and flowers produced on strong stems. Med. height. Flower to crown bud.
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Savanna Charlton 3A-P S64 - Savanna Charlton 3A-P
Sept. Week 4   3A Medium
This large, light pink, early-blooming disbud will especially delight northern growers who worry about an early frost. It is a fine example of an exhibition type bloom for show or garden display. Best grown as a disbud. Medium height.
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