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Irregular Incurve
These are the giants of the Chrysanthemum family, highly esteemed for their exhibition potential. Incurving blooms present a loose, more informal appearance than the regular incurve.
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Bola De Oro 1A-Y B11 - Bola De Oro 1A-Y
Oct. 24 - Nov. 5   1A Medium
This ball of gold will please the most discriminating grower with its large size and perfect form. Florets incurve to build blooms of great depth with lower florets forming an attractive skirt. A moderately short grower producing upright blooms. Disbud to 2nd crown bud.
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Crimson Tide 1A-R C19 - Crimson Tide 1A-R
Oct. 24 - Nov. 5   1A Medium
A large loosely incurving and reflexing bloom of crimson with bronze reverse. A stocky short grower makes this cultivar very good for container growing. Disbud to 1st or 2nd crown bud.
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Fort Smith 1A-Y F23 - Fort Smith 1A-Y
Oct. 13 - Oct. 26   1A Medium
Golden yellow blooms of large size. Flowers held perfectly upright on the strongest stems. An excellent show flower or distinctive addition to yourgarden. Med. height. Flower as disbud.
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Flor Grande 1A-Y F29 - Flor Grande 1A-Y
Oct 25 - Nov 25   1 AA Medium
We received Flor Grande from Ted King's collection. As the name implies, it is a large and grand flower with draping lower florets. The pale yellow color has a creamy hue. Grow as a disbud; tall
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Goldfield 5A-Y G20 - Goldfield 5A-Y
Oct. 8 - Oct. 25   5A Medium
A deep golden yellow bloom of large size and an earlier bloom date thanmost in this class. Superb easy growing habit. Medium height. Flower as disbud.
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Hagoromo 1A-Pu H17 - Hagoromo 1A-Pu
Oct 25 - Nov 25   1AA Tall
In Japanese Hagoromo can be a word describing a purple ornamental kale with frilly edges. Our purple and lavender flowers are large incurves, but for some growers the petals resemble a hairdo of curlylocks. The plant grows vigerously and the stems are strong and straight. Best as a disbud; tall.
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Jefferson Park 1A-Pu J23 - Jefferson Park 1A-Pu
Oct 24 - Nov 30   1AA Medium
This lustrous light purple incurve is named after an awe inspiring alpine valley on the north side of Oregon's Mt Jefferson. Strong erect stems and deep color make this an ideal show flower. Medium height. Best as a disbud.
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Kokka No Waza 1A-Y K16 - Kokka No Waza 1A-Y
Oct. 18 - Nov. 1   1A
Cultivars of this quality and growth habit are rare. Large blooms of a pleasing pastel yellow in typical Japanese incurving form. A short growthhabit makes it ideal for pot culture, especially Japanese Fukuska form. Short. Disbud to crown bud.
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Kokka Bunmi 1A-L K27 - Kokka Bunmi 1A-L
Oct.15 - Oct. 28   1A Medium
A most fascinating and attractive incurving bloom with florets of lavender pink with purple reverse. A very typical Japanese style flower with a long skirt of trailing florets. An early bloom for this class. Med. height. Flower as disbud.
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Luxor 1A-P L18 - Luxor 1A-P
Oct. 20 - Nov. 2   1A Tall
Lovely pink incurving blooms of superb form and substance. A relatively stocky grower. Disbud to crown bud. Tall height.
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Mt. Shasta 1A-W M21 - Mt. Shasta 1A-W
Oct. 28 - Nov. 10   1A Medium
A splendid white irregular incurve with impeccable form. Very large blooms of perfect incurving shape will please the most discriminating grower. Med. height. Disbud to crown bud.
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Nijin Bigo 1A-Br N15 - Nijin Bigo 1A-Br
Oct. 18 - Oct. 30   1A
From China comes this attractive incurving bloom of light bronze outer petals and crimson inside. Acquired through the courtesy of the Volunteer Conservatory in Seattle. A rather short, stout grower. Short.Flower to crown bud.
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Primrose Mt. Shasta 1A-Y P29 - Primrose Mt. Shasta 1A-Y
Oct. 28 - Nov. 10   1A Medium
Mt. Shasta has been a favorite for many years and this light yellow primrose sport is just as good. Very large, loosely incurving blooms, produced upright on strong stems. Med. height. Flower to crown bud.
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Quan Yon Hung 1A-P Q1 - Quan Yon Hung 1A-P
Oct. 20 - Oct. 30   1A
From the conservatory in Shanghai comes this beautiful incurving bloom. Pink with purple on the inside of each floret. A short grower, very suitable for pot culture. Fine strong stems and dark green leaves. Short. Flower to crown or terminal bud.
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River City 1A-Sa R23 - River City 1A-Sa
Oct 15   1A Medium
To describe the color of this beautiful incurving bloom is difficult. A light champagne salmon will do. Very long bloom period. Short growing habit makes it ideal for pot culture. Flower to crown bud. Medium height.
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Shirley Primrose 1AA - Y S215 - Shirley Primrose 1AA - Y
Oct 15 - Nov 16   1AAA Tall
This lovely yellow incurve has travelled from across the pond to join our collection. Typical of the British style, this flower is large with a tousled look to it. You'll have fun growing it to look like it's cousins in the UK. Disbud; tall.
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Whiteout 1A-W W14 - Whiteout 1A-W
Oct. 20 - Nov. 5   1A Medium
A large, paper white irregular incurve, with loosely incurving florets. A fine example of an exhibition type bloom for show or garden display. Blooms held perfectly erect. A medium grower, goodfor pot culture. Flower on crown bud.
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Woolmans Century 1AA-W W210 - Woolmans Century 1AA-W
Oct.10 - Oct. 25   1A Medium
This lovely pale green bloom was named to commemorate Woolman's (U.K.)100th Anniversary. An easy grower, blooms incurve and interlace in an intriguing fashion being supported on strong stems. Shade from first show of color to protect from fading. Medium height. Flower on 1st crown bud.
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