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Garden Cushion Mums
These are some of the finest and most popular garden mums attainable. All are low growers, self-supporting, and bloom from September to early October. Some will also bloom in late May or June.
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Anthem 7C-Y A14 - Anthem 7C-Y
Oct 2 - Oct 24   7C Short
We recommend this very dwarf bright yellow semi-double for its prolific bloom habit and compact growth. Blooms densely cover the plant to form a solid blanket of vivid yellow color. Fine for borders, bedding or containers. Short. Flower to sprays.
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Curlew 4C-P C21 - Curlew 4C-P
Sept. 25 - Oct. 15   4C Short
Pink decorative blooms born on vigorous, well-rounded plants. A standout cushion mum with good color retention and long bloom life.
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Coral Daisy7C-P C213 - Coral Daisy7C-P
Sept   GardenC Medium
Large coral pink Single/dbl flowers. A taller/more upright grower than typical garden types with large flowers.
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Donna 9C-Y D207 - Donna 9C-Y
Sept Wk 3   9C Short
Donna is a lovely bright spot in any garden. With bright yellow spoon blooms starting in September, the single to multi levels of petals are sure to catch everyone's attention. Short.
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Naha 7C-Pu N200 - Naha 7C-Pu
Sept. 28 - Oct 29   7CC Short
Small purple daisy that fades to an attractive lavender pink. Blooms completely cover foliage. Very short, strong grower.
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Pumpkin 8C-B P21 - Pumpkin 8C-B
Oct. 5 - Oct. 22   8C Short
This small orange anemone will produce a brilliant mound of color or can be easily trained to tree style. Short.
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Rome 8C-W R208 - Rome 8C-W
Sept 24 - Oct. 30   8CC Short
This small flowered white anemone with a yellow center is a good addition to our garden mum collection. The growth habit produces a dense mound of flowers. Long lasting and compact.
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Shamans Vision 10C-W S212 - Shamans Vision 10C-W
Sept. 28 - Oct. 20   10CC Short
A mound of small, pure white, quilled blooms produced on a spreading low grower. Prolific, easy grower, and unusual bloom form.
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Triumph 4C-LB T12 - Triumph 4C-LB
Sept. 20 - Oct. 5   4C Short
Butterscotch colored decorative blooms borne in great profusion, a standout in the fall garden. Free flowering.
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