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Exotic or Unclassified
Flowers listed here are exotic, unusual or otherwise not in a regular classification.
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Diana Stoakes 13A-Pu D20 - Diana Stoakes 13A-Pu
Oct. 28 - Nov. 15   13A Medium
This captivating quilled bloom has deepest maroon tips with silver rayflorets. A real standout in our fall show, and sure to win your heart. Med. height. Flower to crown or terminal bud.
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Fort Vancouver 13A-B F210 - Fort Vancouver 13A-B
Late   0A Medium
Fort Vancouver, with its pinkish bronze color, is a nice addition to this classification. The flower is attractive with its partially open center and lower florets in a quilled tubular form. Best as a disbud. Medium height
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Lili Gallon 13A-Pu L14 - Lili Gallon 13A-Pu
Oct. 20 - Oct. 30   13A Short
A large showy reflexing bloom of unusual color combination. Very long deep wine purple florets that curl to show stunning reverse color of silver. A unique short-growing French cultivar. Short. Disbud to 1st crown buds for fullness.
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Lone Star 13A-W L16 - Lone Star 13A-W
Oct. 22 - Oct. 30   13A Short
A most enticing bloom of glistening pure white. Lower florets radiate out in quilted tabular form while center florets are incurving and strap shaped. An excellent cultivar for late season exhibition or cut flower. Flower on 1st or 2nd crown bud. Short height.
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Pacificum 13C-Y P9 - Pacificum 13C-Y
Oct. 22 to Nov. 5   13C Short
(The Silver and Gold Chrysanthemum) A hardy Chrysanthemum with handsome silver-edged dark green leaves and small golden bud-like flowers formed in large clusters. Easily propagated and pest resistant. Will grow in zones 5 to 9 and zone 4 with protection. Short. Flower to sprays.
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Satin Ribbon 13A-P S208 - Satin Ribbon 13A-P
Oct 18 - Oct 26   13A Tall
This cultivar has unusual and attractive open centered blooms of shining pink. The trailing petals are reminiscent of a beautiful satin bow on a gift box. Good as a disbud or spray. Tall.
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