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What will I receive?

We are proud of our reputation for shipping the finest quality rooted cuttings available. We ship four week old, rooted plants. They are approximately 3 inches tall, and are rooted sufficiently for planting.

We ship rooted plants that have been propagated in Ellepots.   Ellepots are made using a 100% biodegradable paper fabric sleeve.   Ellepots are designed to be planted directly into pots.   We recommend using a pot no larger than 8 inches.  Please note that Chrysanthemum varieties have individual characteristics, not only in flowers, but in their root structure as well.  In most cases the roots of each cutting have already penetrated the sides of the Ellepot.  The Ellepots are of a size that would nest comfortably in an egg carton and the plants are approximately 3 inches tall.   We treat all of our plants with preventative fungicides for root and foliar diseases one week prior to shipping.

Rooted Mum Cuttings in Ellepot
4 week old cutting in Ellepot sleeve
Rooting Bench
Rooting Bench with plants ready for shipment.
The plants are shipped in small plastic bags nestled in a cardboard box with Styrofoam peanuts.  Each plant is individually labeled, or if multiple plants of one cultivar are in a bag, there will be a single label included for all.

Our plants leave the nursery in good growing condition, and are guaranteed to arrive in good condition, using the fastest methods possible. Any order, which is not satisfactory, must be reported to us within 10 days of arrival. After this time, we can not make any adjustments.

When should I plant in my area?

The best time to plant is after all danger of frost has passed. You must determine the best planting time for your location. Chrysanthemums will bloom at their scheduled times when planted prior to July. Thus, there is no need to rush to plant in the colder areas of the U.S. We will ship every Monday from the first of March, until late June. Please choose a shipping date when the dangers of freezing temperatures have passed in your area (unless you have a protective structure, such as a greenhouse). We have found that cuttings do better outdoors from the beginning, rather starting off indoors, because of the risk of damping off.) Please allow us at least four weeks to process your order, prior to requested ship date.

To view the average frost dates in your area, check out the handy table that the folks at Victory Seeds have put together

What should I do when my plants arrive?

It is most important that your plants be removed from the plastic shipping bags immediately upon arrival.  Failure to do this may cause severe loss of foliage.  If unable to transplant immediately, set the rooted cuttings upright in a container with short sides – like a cake pan or a Rubbermaid container.  Water very gently and mist until you can transplant into soil.  We recommend initial planting into pots no larger than 8 inches in a light composted soil mix for the first two weeks.  Initial watering should be with a liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength or clear water if your potting mix already contains fertilizer.  We advise you keep your plants out of direct sunlight for the first few days after arrival and protect them from extremes in temperature and wind until well established.

All plants leave the nursery in good condition. If, however, your plants arrive in poor condition due to delay in transit, heat or freezing, and fail to thrive after transplanting, please notify us within 10 days of receipt so that necessary adjustments can be made. 

Terms of Sale

No telephone orders please. (catalog or web only, thank you!)

Minimum order:

$18.75 plus shipping.

Payment Options:

Mailed orders may be paid with check or money order. Credit cards are accepted online only. We use PayPal to process the orders but a PayPal account is not required to place an order.

Shipping Dates:

Monday of each week, from the first week of March through late June.  Orders need to be received a minimum of four weeks prior to shipping.

Shipping Methods:

We ship on Mondays via USPS Priority Mail. Plan for 2-3 days in transit.  Special arrangements can be made for FedEx or UPS shipments; freight will be FOB.

Canadian and Overseas Orders:

We do not ship outside of the United States.


If any plants are found to be unsatisfactory, please notify us within 10 days of arrival. No adjustments can be made after 10 days.


If we are unable to provide the ordered cultivar because of lack of supply or failure to root, we will substitute with a cultivar of similar type and bloom date.

Return Policy:

Due to the nature of the perishable product, no returns can be accepted.

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