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We are always interested in seeing what our customers are doing with their mums.  The photographs below are from home gardeners as well as aboretums.  If you have some outstanding chrysanthemum photos of King's Mums from your own yard, we would love to see them!  Send pictures
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A group of Derek Bircumshaws grown by Jong Phill Lee of Palatine, IL

A cascade of Rose Maiko grown by Jong Phill Lee

Bouquets grown by Ronald Deering of Puyallup, WA

A first try at growing incurves by Anthony and Laura Bartoni of Whitehall, PA

 Flowers from the garden of E.B. Monteath

\More Blooms grown by E.B. Monteath

A cascade grown by Maria Ourmanova of Boyds, Md.

A Thanksgiving centerpiece grown by David Hannings of San Louis Obispo, CA

Sol Ferschneider holding an Irregular Incurve mum in Seaford, NY

A bouquet grown by Priscilla Dack in Fresno, CA

Little Henry loves his mums in Elm Grove Wisconsin
(So does his favorite friend...)

Gumdrop Cascade
Gumdrop Cascade grown by Rita Rover of N.Y.

Ritas Grandson

Rita Rover's grandson with Whiteout.

Mr. Florian Geider of Whitehall, PA, shows off one of his winning 'Mt. Shasta's'.

Sol & Dorothy Ferdschneider of New York show off their 'Zinfandel'

Look closely and you will see that there is a little mouse that is a great fan of King's Mums too.
(At the home of John Alfors, CA)


Blooms at the home of Florian Geider in PA.

There's a picnic bench under there!
By Dr. Lewis, New Jersey

"Just for looks!"
Grown by N.E. Wells in Arkansas

"Mt. Ranier"
Grown by Ken Kurakazu of Walnut Creek, CA

"Bola de Oro"
grown by Frank Essig of N.J.

The garden of Mary Baldi

Mums display
Phipps Conservatory in Pennsylvania

Spiders in the 'Palm Court'
Phipps Conservatory, PA

"Gnomes" planted at the
Volunteer Park Conservatory, WA

"Houston" grown by
Ruth Ann Waite of Las Vegas, NV

"Spiders" at the
Phipps Conservatory, PA

"Cascades" at
Phipps Conservatory, PA

The aboretum at
Phipps Conservatory

A Japanese fan made from the variety 'Gum Drop', grown by Roy & Donna Oku of Stockton, Ca.

Disbuded blooms from the yard of Cecile Chmelik of Kentucky

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